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5 days ago

ZNet Uralla

Jayson and Josh have completed the thermal facelift of the house in Prince Ave Uralla.by fitting 100mm NRG Greenboard and render. The rendered board gives about R3.5 insulation on a normal stud wall. It also ensures there is no thermal migration from framing. Thermal migration is normally a major cause of heat loss in a traditionally framed and clad house.
The basic process is remove anything you need to from the outside such as wetherboards, fit building wrap, screw and glue on NRG Greenboard, even up anything that is not flat, attach mesh to surface, apply primer coat, apply final coloured render. tidy up edges. Jayson will later drill small drain holes about lower edge to handle any potential internal condensation. Normally a drainage flashing is fitted but Jayson finds that cracking may occur at this interface when a flashing is used due the tough climate in New England with high diurnal temperature shifts from -5 degC to says +20 degC in just a few hours. No wonder we need snug houses!
The owner is busy today fitting R2.0 batts to the stud walls raising them to about R5.5. The ceiling is being filled with batts and underfloor will be insulated probably with XPS board. Heating will be all electric a power and off-set by a large solar system. Those sneaky gaps around window and door frames will be foam filled. Good window blinds and curtains will be fitted to the old single glazed windows. This renno shows how the owner has put careful thought into making this house into a very comfortable super energy efficient home. What a shift from what was a basic uninsulated, draughty old ex Housing Commission oven come fridge!

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The Z-Net Uralla Mission is to assist the people of Uralla Shire to come together to build resilience as we transition to a regenerative and sustainable way of living that minimises demand for resources, maximises health of the community and environment, whilst proactively responding to future challenges.


Improving building fabric for better thermal comfort. Learning new behaviours to save on energy. Bringing the sun's energy into our homes. Show-casing our achievements and learning from each other with Case Study Homes.


Understanding and mastering energy use. Bringing the sun's energy into our businesses. Setting sustainability goals and show-casing achievements. Renewable technology information to support business decisions.


Learning to sustainably manage our firewood resources. Community investment in solar energy generation. Fostering bulk buy options for solar power and hot water.


Programs designed for households that rent. Support for landlords and tenants to take joint action. Inclusive programs that engage with all communities in the Uralla Shire. Outreach to other communities to learn from Z-Net Uralla.