General Meeting

As Z-NET Uralla approaches the end of its first year we looking at becoming an incorporated association to fully meet the mission we adopted in March 2016.  The current structure, operating under the umbrella of the Uralla Neighbourhood Centre, has served Z-NET Uralla extremely well in our formative months and we thank the generosity of Jo and her Board in supporting Z-NET Uralla to this stage.

The changes, which include incorporation, must be presented to a General Meeting of the organisation, at which the full membership will be able to vote. Members please reserve the date, Saturday 18 February 2017, for this important General Meeting.

Many people who have been involved in our activities may not yet be Z-NET Uralla Members. If you are one of these people and would like to be involved in the decision on the future of Z-NET Uralla, please complete the membership form which can be found here or call in to our office at the Community Centre on Hill Street. Membership must be lodged by 17 February 2017.