Z-NET Uralla has identified three models of community solar that may work in our community.

Community solar projects are those where some form of community action by landlords or tenants enable a new solar PV installation. Z-NET Uralla is investigating three different models:

  1. Solar installed on a community building funded largely by donations with a “light” governance model around ownership and power use. E.g. Solar installation on community facilities such as Neighbourhood Centre, Uralla Preschool, Men’s Shed, etc
  2. Solar installed by a landlord where there are multiple tenants and internal metering at the property provides lower cost electricity for the tenants. E.g. Council and privately owned flats.
  3. Solar installed on energy intensive businesses funded by a community of investors where electricity is “sold” at lower cost to the business occupant and investors receive interest plus capital return over the life of the solar system. E.g. Clubs, pubs and other high energy use businesses.

The Working Group is building a business case for each of these models in conjunction with interested parties.

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