Curtain Making Workshops

One of the most popular events we have been regularly hosting has been our Curtain making workshops. On a Saturday afternoon  get a group of all ages get together to sew (and chat). It is a wonderful resource as we are able to get assistance from some of the more experienced members of the group.

A younger student being shown how to use the sewing machine
One of our younger participants starting on her sewing.
Attendees at Curtain making workshop learning about measuring up curtains
Lesson in how to measure curtain drops at a curtain making workshop.
One of the participants getting advice on measurements for curtain with diagrams on whiteboard of window dimensions
Checking the window measurements is always the most important part of curtain making.
Working out where to put the eyelets
Measuring tapes and scissors, all essential equipment
Pinning up a hem on a curtain
Getting those hems even are always important.
Particpants all at work making their curtains
Another group working on their curtains

Go to our page How to make a Window Blanket on instructions to make a quick, easy and very effective way to keep the drafts out.