How to Make a Window Blanket

Window blankets are a very effective way to improve heat retention by keeping out drafts. They can also be used to reduce heat coming into a window. They can be made quickly with whatever materials are available. 

Window blanket

Window Blankets:

Measure the width of your window including the frame. Add a 10 cm hem for edges. Also add an extra 5 cm for whatever way you are going to attach them to the top of the window/door.

You will also need Velcro tape the width of the window and some thick ties.

You will need a front cover, some material for inside – this can be old blankets, fleece material or any other thick material, and then the insulated backing material.

The interlining should measure the width and the height of the window + frame. Place on back of front material, turn a 10 cm hem and sew around the 2 sides and the bottom. (this can be hand sewn with locking-in stitch if you don’t want the stitching to show).

The backing material be the same size as the front material. Turn the 10 cm around the sides and the bottom and sew. 

Showing layers of a window blanket, front covering, silver/blue sarking, backing material
3 layers, front made from calico, middle made from sarking with silver facing calico, insulating backing lining.
Door blanket using interlining.
Door blanket using interlining (bumph) to help keep out the drafts
Top of the curtain blanket showing the velcro attached.
The top hem has the lining inserted underneath and the velcro sewn across the top.

Place the front of the curtain facing down (interling should be showing). Now place the lining on top (hems inside) and match the tops and side. Turn the top over by 10 cm. If you are adding velcro, pin this in place and sew the edges of the velco. This will hold all the layers in place. You can sew the edge down. 


The top of a door blanket using eyelets to attach.
An alternative is to put in small eyelets that you can thread through hooks that are screwed into top of door or window frame.
Ties are sewn to blanket so you can fold it up
You can add ties down both side on the front and use these to tie up the curtain blanket
Additional velcro to hold middle of curtain blanket up
You can sew velcro at the top of the curtain and level with the ties to hold the middle up.
Folded curtain
The curtain blanket can be folded up to let in some light.

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