Meet your Z-Net Executive Team!

This is your community group guiding Z-NET Uralla. Please feel free to contact any members if you have questions or would like help with energy matters.

Sandra Eady, Convenor

 Sandra Eady, PRESIDENT

Sandra has a keen interest in seeing our community take confident and informed steps towards a sustainable energy future. She is an environmental scientist with CSIRO at Chiswick. Email:

Bob Crouch, Vice-PresidentBOB CROUCH, VICE-PRESIDENT

Bob has a strong interest in renewable agriculture and brings a wealth of experience to Z-NET Uralla and a passion for focussing on Uralla's significant energy supply, firewood. He has strong relationships with the farming and scientific communited and a deep understand of woodland ecology and ecological processes, as well as a great understand of government process and community engagement which can be seen from his years of continuing in his current role of Councillor in the Uralla Shire.

Tom O'Connor, TreasurerTom O’Connor, TreasureR

As a Chartered Accountant, Tom is guiding Z-NET Uralla in its finances and governance. He brings a great background of engaging with our community, following on from his role as Uralla Shire Council General Manager. Z-NET Uralla and the gardens in the blisters are keeping him busy in retirement! Email:

Trish Rasmussen, Project Officer

Trish Rasmussen, Minutes secretary and Projects Officer

Trish is coordinating our many projects. You can contact her at . Please email her for an appointment, or call on 0411 804 627.

Teresa French, IT

Teresa French, CommunicationS/IT and member secretary

Teresa has taken on the mammoth role of maintaining Z-NET Uralla communications via Facebook, the website and general media. Teresa’s background at Thunder Graphics is invaluable for making sure Z-NET Uralla gets its message out to our community. Email:


Peter Low, General Member

Peter is the Z-NET Uralla technology guru, ready to answer the myriad of questions the community has on solar feed-in tariffs, the merits of different heating options, and how to see if your home is leaking valuable warmth (that you are paying good money for). Peter is finding Z-NET Uralla a great challenge in retirement, after a long career as a ship’s captain in the merchant navy.

Stephanie McCaffreyStephanie McCaffrey, General Member

Stephanie brings the support of Uralla Shire Council (and her own personal enthusiasm) to Z-NET Uralla. She will help guide the community through the issues of how to harvest firewood in a sustainable way.

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