Z-NET Uralla will hold our Annual General Meeting on Saturday 28 September 2019 at 11:00 am at the Community Centre on Hill Street, Uralla. In addition to the normal AGM process we are going to discuss and vote on a change to our Mission.

Many of you would have attended the recent Uralla Sustainability Expo we held in partnership with the Uralla Shire Council. Feedback from the Expo shows there is strong interest amongst our community in the broader aspects of sustainability – water, waste, growing food, adapting to climate change… to name a few areas. Since the Expo an informal group has meet to discuss how other sustainability initiatives for Uralla can be planned and resourced.

When Z-NET was first set up our scope was very clearly renewable energy. However, we believe now is a good time for our Members to discuss whether we should broaden our Mission to include other aspects of sustainability. Your thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated so please come along to the meeting to help make this decision.

We are looking forward to catching up with our Members on the 28 September. If anyone would like to become a Member before the meeting, they can contact our Secretary, Trish, at
Sandra Eady
Z-NET Uralla President 


  1. Attendance (Register).
  2. Apologies.
  3. Welcome by the Z-NET Uralla President - Sandra Eady.
  4. President's Report on Z-NET Uralla Inc for the twelve months to 30 June 2019.
  5. Presentation, and adoption, of the Financial Reports for the ended 30 June 2019 by the Treasurer - Tom O'Connor.  Financial Report attached.
  6. Election of Office Bearers and Committee for the coming year:  President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and three General Committee members.
    The current Executive Members are:
    President, Sandra Eady; Vice President, Bob Crouch; Minute Secretary Trish Rasmussen; Treasurer, Tom O'Connor; Membership Secretary, Teresa French; and General Committee Members Peter Low and Stephanie McCaffery.Two Executive Members are stepping down.
  7. Appointment of Auditor (Z-Net Uralla Inc currently does not need or have an appointed auditor, however such an appointment would have benefits for acquittal of grants) 
  8. Appointment of the Public Officer (current Public Officer is Tom O'Connor) 
  9. Proposed change to Z-NET Uralla Mission to broaden scope of sustainability initiatives to be wider than renewable energy 
  10. Closure of the annual general meeting

You will now find Z-NET Uralla in the Uralla Public Library on Thursdays.
Our email and phone number remain the same.

Adam Marshall MP, Member for Northern Tablelands, Minister for Tourism and Major Events and Assistant Minister for Skills officially announced this morning that Z-NET Uralla had scored the significant NSW Environmental Trust Funding.


The collection and use of firewood is a common practice in the Uralla Community with over 75% of our homes using firewood for winter heating. Firewood is a valuable source of energy and is renewable, if harvested in a sustainable manner.
Our new project, "Elephant in the Woodlands" will raise awareness and encourage sustainable practices amongst landholders, firewood collectors and firewood users to ensure firewood is a renewable resource for future generations. The project will run for three years, supported by a NSW Environmental Trust Education Grant, private donations and Z-NET Uralla volunteers.
Project partners are BackTrack AgLads, Uralla Shire Council, SNELC, NT LLS and Scientists from UNE, plus three local landholders (Balala Station, Lana and Barrakee) who will help demonstrate how biodiversity assessments can be done to identify low impact firewood sites.
Our goal is to enable Uralla Shire residents to source their firewood, in the knowledge that it is being collected in a way that has a low ecological impact. Training programs will be provided to landholders and firewood collectors to enable them to tap into the market for sustainable firewood. The project will also support and extend existing community-based programs for improving home thermal efficiency, reducing energy demand in the first place and promoting effective firewood storage and use.
These goals will be supported by an ongoing education campaign through media, at community events and in schools to raise awareness of the ecological value and importance of standing and fallen timber and promote the use of sustainable firewood.

Media Release from Adam Marshall's office

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