AGM of Z-NET Uralla and Special General Meeting of Z-NET Uralla Inc

Notice of Annual General Meeting for Z-NET Uralla

The Annual General Meeting of Z-NET Uralla will be held on 8 April 2017, 2 pm at the Uralla Community Centre. As the membership of Z-NET Uralla voted to move to an independent incorporated association on 17 February 2017, this will be the final meeting under the existing structure.
At the AGM the Convenor’s Report and Financial Report for Z-NET Uralla will be tabled for Members.  The existing structure will be wound up under the rules of our current Principals and Guidelines.

FIRST Meeting OF Z-NET Uralla INC.

Following the AGM (and a cuppa with scones) we will hold a Special General meeting of the new incorporated association, Z-NET Uralla Inc., which has now been registered with the NSW Department of Fair Trading. Office Bearers of the new association were elected at the meeting on 17 February 2017.
All people, who are existing members of Z-NET Uralla, are invited to renew their Membership as members of the new incorporated association.
The following documents are available from this website:
•    Agenda for the 2017 Annual General Meeting of Z-NET Uralla
•    Minutes of the General Meeting of Z-NET Uralla, 18 February
•    Convenor’s Report for 2017 AGM
•    Agenda for the Special General Meeting of Z-NET Uralla Inc
•    Membership Application Form for Z-NET Uralla Inc
•    Z-NET Uralla Inc By-Laws

The Financial Report to 16 March 2017 for Z-NET Uralla will be made available in hard copy at the meeting.

The old and new Executive Committees look forward to seeing you at these significant meetings in the development of the Uralla Shire as a Zero Net Energy community.

Alan McKenzie
Z-NET Uralla
18 March 2017

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