Electricity Actual v Estimated Bills

During the Home and Business Energy Reviews that Z-Net Uralla has been conducting one issue has arisen that we would like to share with the Uralla Community.

With the many changes in Energy providers it is no longer compulsory to do an actual reading of the electricity meter every quarter. They must do at least one per year.

As a result, a number of householders and businesses have been caught out when they have moved into a new property.

1. The estimated bill has been higher than the actual amount based on whoever was in that property previously. In the case of a business you must pay the bill before you can get a credit. This can add a considerable cost to your start-up costs.

2. The estimated bill is lower than the actual usage. This leads to the tenant believing they have their power bills under control until they get their first actual bill and get bill shock. This is especially important to be aware off in the winter months.

You must always check if it says actual or estimated. With some power companies you are able to give them the actual meter reading.

Estimated Bill:

Actual Bill:

If you have any queries please contact us at Z-Net Uralla: 9 Hill St, Uralla

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Notice of Annual General Meeting for Z-NET Uralla

The Annual General Meeting of Z-NET Uralla will be held on 8 April 2017, 2 pm at the Uralla Community Centre. As the membership of Z-NET Uralla voted to move to an independent incorporated association on 17 February 2017, this will be the final meeting under the existing structure.
At the AGM the Convenor’s Report and Financial Report for Z-NET Uralla will be tabled for Members.  The existing structure will be wound up under the rules of our current Principals and Guidelines.

FIRST Meeting OF Z-NET Uralla INC.

Following the AGM (and a cuppa with scones) we will hold a Special General meeting of the new incorporated association, Z-NET Uralla Inc., which has now been registered with the NSW Department of Fair Trading. Office Bearers of the new association were elected at the meeting on 17 February 2017.
All people, who are existing members of Z-NET Uralla, are invited to renew their Membership as members of the new incorporated association.
The following documents are available from this website:
•    Agenda for the 2017 Annual General Meeting of Z-NET Uralla
•    Minutes of the General Meeting of Z-NET Uralla, 18 February
•    Convenor’s Report for 2017 AGM
•    Agenda for the Special General Meeting of Z-NET Uralla Inc
•    Membership Application Form for Z-NET Uralla Inc
•    Z-NET Uralla Inc By-Laws

The Financial Report to 16 March 2017 for Z-NET Uralla will be made available in hard copy at the meeting.

The old and new Executive Committees look forward to seeing you at these significant meetings in the development of the Uralla Shire as a Zero Net Energy community.

Alan McKenzie
Z-NET Uralla
18 March 2017

Z-NET Uralla is partnering with Regional Development Australia Northern Inland to conduct a business breakfast and Go-Digital workshop in Uralla on Thursday morning 6th April.
Where: Uralla Bowling Club
Time: Breakfast: 7.45 – 8.00am
Workshop: 8.00 – 9.00am
Go-Digital is a short course to introduce business owners to trading online. The free course will commence with a business breakfast at 7.45am and will be followed by a ‘face to face’ workshop (1 hr duration). The workshop will provide participants with online materials, Q&A sessions held by Webinar / teleconference, and ongoing support up to 30th June. Materials will be provided in a modular format and participants will have the freedom to select the sections they require, or go through all of the content in their own time following the business breakfast workshop.
The end-goal is to provide Uralla Shire businesses with the knowledge and ability to sell their goods and services online through a fully-functioning and easy-to-use e-commerce website.
Regional Development Australia Northern Inland and Z-NET Uralla are committed to encouraging growth in the region. The Go-Digital project will provide businesses with additional skills to grow their business and / or create alternative opportunities in a changing marketplace.
To register for the free Go-Digital Breakfast Workshop Contact:
Stephen Griffith at Z-NET Uralla .au
Phone: 0411 804 627 or register at the Z NET Stall at Season of New England (Stall 46)
To assist with catering - please register by 5pm 3/4/17
Further details on the Go-Digital program are available on the web:

Event link:

This is a quick note to update our Members and Friends on the outcome of the General Meeting on 18 Feb 2017, to decide if Z-NET Uralla should become an independent incorporated Association. The decision was unanimous that we should - a great vote of confidence from our community!

Minutes from the meeting can be found at

The change over will be done once the paper work of registering has been completed - we were hoping to do this by 18 March 2017, so we could hold a wind-up AGM and hand over to the new Association. What we did not realise is it takes up to 8 weeks for registration to be completed.

So we will keep you posted on when the meeting and hand over date will be.....

In the meantime, we have started implementing some of the great ideas offered during the Community Consultation session. Keep your eyes posted for our first Z-NET Uralla Social Event, where we will share some interesting results from our projects and each other's company, over a cold drink and a bite to eat!


Sandra Eady
Convenor Z-NET Uralla

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