Z-NET Uralla’s Vision

Vision: A sustainable Uralla Shire in a sustainable world.

Mission: To assist the people of the Uralla Shire’s transition to energy self-sufficiency, based on renewable sources, and to allow our community to confidently participate in the unfolding revolution in energy technologies.

•    The first step is to work towards the goal of 100% renewable energy for in-home and business use (excluding transport).  This is being achieved by reducing energy use, though improvements in efficiency, and by installation of cost effective renewable energy generation.

•    Z-NET Uralla has adopted the Zeronet Energy Town Uralla Case Study (also known as the Z-NET Blueprint) as its foundation document for direction and scope of projects to be undertaken in our Shire.

•    Z-NET activities are designed in consultation with the Uralla community, to give equal access across socio-economic groups.

•    Z-NET is providing leadership and education, assessment of innovations and their applicability for our community.

•    Z-NET is giving Uralla the opportunity, not only of being part of the solution to renewable energy supply, but also the opportunity to build futurist, vibrant local businesses based on renewable energy.