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Engagement think tank goes digital


Thank you to everyone who participated in our Let's Talk About Water engagement think tank in September, to help plan the final phase of community engagement for the project.

We're using the feedback to finalise plans for our final phase of engagement, which will begin soon. Watch this space for upcoming events and activities.

ZNET has conducted considerable community engagement for Let’s Talk About Water during 2020 and 2021, including focus groups, resident and business interviews, a community survey and town hall meeting.

All that input is being collated by ZNET members and University of NSW academics assisting with consultation for the project, and will be presented to the community.

Focus groups


#4: Water efficiency

How much can we save from improved water efficiency?

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#5: Water recycling

How useful is water recycling?

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#6: Rainwater tanks

Do rainwater tanks help with water security?

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#7: Bores

Can we just put down bores to supplement supplies in dry times?

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In 2019/2020, the Uralla community experienced a water emergency. Much lower than average rainfall reduced the town water supply to just 100 days’ use, with the main storage dam falling below 25% of capacity.

Added to that was the complication of elevated arsenic levels in the remaining supply. While suitable for showering, washing and the like, the water was not safe for drinking or cooking.

From December 2019 to April 2020, bottled water was brought in and distributed by volunteers with the support of Council.

From this water crisis emerged discussions between farmers and rural landholders, shopkeepers, business owners, town-dwellers and the Council. ZNET Plus took a proactive role in bringing the community together to facilitate conversations with a view to creating a long-term collective plan for water sustainability.

Let's Talk About Water

In July 2020, ZNET Plus gained a $30,000 grant from the NSW Government’s Increasing Resilience to Climate Change Community Fund to further research and consultation with the Uralla community on water security.

The Let’s Talk About Water project seeks to undertake an informed, structured and broad community consultation to gauge community values for different approaches to secure water supplies, including recycled water.

The goal of the project is to deliver:

  • a deeper community understating of the water cycle and options for securing water supply
  • a feeling of empowerment that the community can act to improve water security
  • for our Council to take the best pathway to water security

Project Outcome

The project will produce a Water Consultation Blueprint for Uralla Shire which will allow Uralla Shire Council to explore technical options for water security with an understanding of community values.

Project Partners

  • UNSW Global Water Institute
  • Uralla Shire Council
  • ZNET Plus


Funded by the NSW Government

Upcoming Events

A series of focus groups, workshops and educational activities are planned over the next 12 – 18 months as part of the Let’s Talk About Water project. Visit the community activities page  and contact our Water Project Officer to register your interest.


  • Water Project Officer
  • water(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)zneturalla.org.au
  • 0474297790

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