This Working Group is led by Trish Rasmussen. A team is looking at homes to see how the owners or tenants can make them more energy efficient and comfortable. We have developed tools to enable this process. The tools have been designed to meet the various scenarios e.g. rentals, firewood & solar. The result always has suggestions for everyone: from installing under floor installation to putting lids on pots when cooking. For every household no matter their income there is an affordable option to improve home energy performance. To do this Home Energy Review you can contact ZNET-Uralla and email us at . The Home Energy Review is free. We also have workshops to help everyone with making their home more comfortable. E.g. curtain making. Household Blog
Diagram of where heat is lost from a home.
A breakdown of where the heat can be lost in an uninsulated home.
Thermal Imaging photo of heat loss from a home.
Heat loss from a typical older style home in Uralla in the winter.