ZNET – What we do

MissionTo assist the people of the Uralla Shire’s transition to energy self-sufficiency, based on renewable sources, and to allow our community to confidently participate in the unfolding revolution in energy technologies. Check out the Questacon video of what Z-NET is doing 


 The focus is working with households to see how the owners or tenants can make their homes more energy efficient and comfortable. We do a  free Home Energy Review  to establish what areas can improve your energy efficiency. 

We also have Curtain Making Workshops  to teach people how to make their own window/door coverings. We also have some pages here to give people ideas on Window and Door treatments and How to Make a Window Blanket. 

Home Energy Reviews are also for tenants. The landlord will receive a report as well as the tenant.  Z-NET has been Partnering with Corena for Landlord Solar.This enables the landlord to get an interest free loan for solar which they share the benefits with their tenants.

We have done a number of videos as case studies for a improving an old home, a rental and building a new home. You can find videos on youtube in this playlist

Tips for when you have solar on your property

Thermal Imaging photo of heat loss from a home.
Heat loss from a typical older style home in Uralla in the winter.


Our project, “Elephant in the Woodlands” is raising awareness and encouraging sustainable practices amongst landholders, firewood collectors and firewood users to ensure firewood is a renewable resource for future generations.

Adam Marshall, Members of Back Track Aglads and President Sandra Eady
Adam Marshall, Members of Back Track Aglads and President Sandra Eady at official launch of Elephant in the Woodland.








We have had a number of biodiversity studies to help landholders to understand what is Sustainable Firewood . We have also had a number of Sustainable Wood Collection Workshops to train landholders, private and professional wood collectors in how to collect in a sustainable manner. We now have a list of Sustainable Firewood suppliers you can contact. 

Students from St Josephs Primary learning how to do a Checking for Change study.
St Josephs primary school students doing a 'Checking for Change' Study.


Part of the Z-NET Mission is to provide leadership and education for our community. Z-NET Uralla has two main focus areas for Education

We have been working with schools and holding events to educate the wider community. 


We have continued to work with our local businessess where they have asked for assistance. You can see the Business Case Studies that were worked on.

New England Brewery recognition
Recognition from Z-NET of the work the New England Brewery had done from their Business Energy Review