Sustainable Firewood

Elephant in the Woodland Project

Running over three years, the Elephant in the Woodlands project raised awareness and encouraged sustainable practices among landholders, firewood collectors and firewood users to ensure firewood is a renewable resource for future generations.

Firewood Collectors Guide

The Firewood Collector’s Guide was developed as part of the Elephant in the Woodlands  project. Download the Guide here.

Find a local supplier

These local firewood suppliers have completed ZNET training on sustainable wood harvesting.Find a sustainable firewood supplier.
ZNET group studying wood collection
A sustainable wood harvesting workshop held with Stringybark Ecological

Wood as a sustainably energy resource

The Elephant in the Woodland project looked at our energy use with a focus on heating, starting with sourcing wood through to maximising the use of this heating through a properly insulated house envelope and using the wood the most effectively. 

The project included:

Project partners included BackTrack AgLads, Uralla Shire Council, Southern New England Landcare, Northern Tablelands Local Land Service, Scientists from UNE, plus three local landholders (Balala Station, Lana and Barrakee). 

Adam Marshall, Members of Back Track Aglads and President Sandra Eady
Adam Marshall MP, Members of BackTrack Aglads and ZNET's Sandra Eady at official launch of Elephant in the Woodland project.

Sustainable Firewood Checklist

When you buy or collect firewood there are a number of things to check to make sure it is sustainable.

  •   Is it legal to take the wood from the site?
  •   Has the tree naturally died and fallen over?
  •   Are there replacement saplings nearby?
  •   Are there other homes for wildlife?
  •   Is there other dead timber on the ground to stop soil erosion?
  •  Has the nutrient rich bark been left?

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Students from St Josephs Primary learning how to do a Checking for Change study.
Students from St Joseph's school participating in a woodland workshop

Read the Elephant in the Woodland project wrap up and view the project photo gallery.

This project has been assisted by the New South Wales Government through its Environmental Trust.