Community Solar Farm Co-ownership Opportunity

Community Solar Farm Co-ownership Opportunity

The Uralla community has an opportunity to become co-owners of, and investors in, a small solar farm that has been developed by a local Uralla business, Meralli Solar.
Meralli Solar has always had the intention for a community ownership and investment component to their Community Solar Farm. Now that all approvals have been granted, and the project is ready to proceed, Meralli has asked ZNET Uralla and Community Power Agency to consult the community on their interest in the community having ownership in this project.

Project overview:

  • The project is located 2kms from Uralla at the old pole plant site between Racecourse Rd and Thunderbolts Way.
  • The solar installation of 4.41MW will cover 6 ha. supported by an 11MW battery All approvals for connection to the existing grid are in place.
  • No new transmission lines are needed.
  • The power will run directly to the Uralla sub-station and will help stabilise electricity in case of blackouts.
  • The low profile, compact style of construction uses less materials, no concrete, and subsequently has a 72% lower emissions footprint compared to conventional structures.
  • There is a Renewable Precinct Vision for the site: Meralli’s headquarters, Circular Economy (Panel Recycling, Manufacturing), Community Access/Use
  • It is possible for community members to own a majority stake in the project if there is sufficient interest from local people.
  • Community Consultation

    Step1- August 2023- 4 Focus groups.
    To gain initial feedback

    Step2- Oct 16th Community Info Evening

    Step3- Community Survey Oct-Nov 6th
    Wider feedback to determine if sufficient community interest.

    Step 4- Collate results.
    The findings from all will help us to design the community co-ownership offering.

    Next Steps:

    Early 2024-

    • Formation of the community entity for co-ownership.
    • The issuing of a Prospectus for share purchase.


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    • Community Solar Farm Co-ownership Opportunity UPDATE: 27 November, 2023 - Firstly, we would like to say a big THANK YOU to those members of the community who attended our 4 focus groups, the Community Information event, and those who filled in the Survey. All the important feedback gained from those who participated in these initiatives can now be synthesised into… Continue Reading