Greening Uralla

A ZNET Plus initiative


As we face increasing temperatures, loss and degradation of habitat, it is critical that we continue to plant shrubs and trees that will provide shade for heat mitigation, food and shelter for our bio-diversity.

Community grant

ZNETPlus was delighted to receive a Community Grant in November 2020 towards Greening Uralla from the Uralla Grants program, which is funded by UPC/AC Renewables Australia, developers of the New England Solar Farm.

This funding supports a two-part program for 2021.

Part 1: Late March/Early April

We will be offering householders 2 native plants for planting on the western side of their homes.

The late afternoon summer sun is particularly potent so, as the plants grow, they will assist in the shading and hence heat mitigation, for the home and reduce the need for air-conditioning.

Part 2: Late September/Early October

Adopt a Street Tree!

We will be inviting interested residents to come and adopt a tree to plant on the verge in front of their homes.

‘Adopters’ will commit to looking after the welfare of the ‘Adoptees’, the tree, for the first 2 years to give these trees a good chance of survival.

Planting street trees improves air quality, reduces heat, provides an environment that is more pleasant for walking and supports more bio-diversity.

We look forward to sharing more details on this project with you closer to the timing of the events.

Please let us know if you have any favourite choices for street trees. Email znetplus(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

Activities in planning

  • Annual Community Tree Planting Day
  • Supporting residents with suitable plantings on the western side of their homes
  • Verge gardens for Bee support and beauty
  • Shade trees on the main road approaches to Uralla
  • ‘Adopt a Tree’- Households committing to nurturing a tree in front of their house
  • Identification of bare areas for ‘greening’
  • Supporting Uralla Rivercare with creek revegetation
  • Planting of nut trees as part of a town ‘Edible Landscape’


  • Carol Shantal 
  • znetplus(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)
  • 0474297790



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