Greening Uralla

As we face increasing temperatures, loss and degradation of habitat, it is critical we continue to plant shrubs and trees that will provide shade for heat mitigation, food and shelter for our biodiversity.

Adopta Tree Progam

An Adopta Street Tree program will be launched in late October 2021 as the next phase of Greening Uralla.

It will aim to add more trees to the streets of the town and the public areas of Uralla Shire’s villages. Quite a few people have already reserved their tree for adoption but there are still plenty left at this stage. So if you have space on your verge and are thinking of caring for a tree and supporting the greening of Uralla, please contact us either at znetplus(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) or phone Carol on 0408 080455. You will receive everything you need to get the tree off to a good start: compost, tree guard, stakes, weed mat and instructions. In addition, there will be a help line for any concerns or questions. There will be a limited number of trees because they are more expensive.

Nooks and Crannies

For our next step in Autumn 2022, we have identified areas and consulted with nearby residents for a small number of areas to be planted as part of our ‘Nooks and Crannies’ strategy.

Nooks and Crannies is another chance of residents to express an interest in getting involved. So if there is an area you would like to see planted and are willing to help with watering in the first couple of years, please let us know.

Planting volunteers

We are looking for more people who enjoy planting trees and would be willing to be on a volunteer list so we could contact them at various planting times. Interested people can contact us either at znetplus(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) or phone Carol on 0408 080455. 

April tree giveaway

The ZNETPlus Greening Uralla team dispersed 1200 free native tree seedlings to Uralla Shire residents over the weekend of 24-25 April.

Greening Uralla team members set up at the Uralla Co-op yard for a weekend and offered residents the choice of four tree varieties – Eucalyptus gregsoniana, Hakea salicifolia, Leptospermum brevipes and Malaleuca ericifolia. All four varieties are good options for domestic plantings to shade homes from the western sun.

This project was funded by UPC’s New England Solar Farm and was the first step in what we hope will be an ongoing project to increase the number of trees and shrubs across Uralla Shire.

Community grant

ZNETPlus was delighted to receive a Community Grant in November 2020 towards Greening Uralla from the Uralla Grants program, which is funded by UPC/AC Renewables Australia, developers of the New England Solar Farm.

This funding supports a two-part program for 2021. Please see below, or click to view the full project brochure.

Activities in planning

  • Annual Community Tree Planting Day
  • Supporting residents with suitable plantings on the western side of their homes
  • Verge gardens for Bee support and beauty
  • Shade trees on the main road approaches to Uralla
  • ‘Adopt a Tree’- Households committing to nurturing a tree in front of their house
  • Identification of bare areas for ‘greening’
  • Supporting Uralla Rivercare with creek revegetation
  • Planting of nut trees as part of a town ‘Edible Landscape’


  • Carol Shantal 
  • znetplus(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)
  • 0474297790



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