Z-NET Uralla is incorporating!

We held a General Meeting today and thank you to everyone who attended.

A vote was called for whether or not to incorporate and the members of Z-NET Uralla voted unanimously to incorporate.

General meeting

We then adopted the Model Constitution under the Associations Act 2009 and the Draft modified Z-NET Principles and Rules by unanimous vote by our those present. Then it was time for our community to select the committee for the new entity. Nominations were called for for President, and Sandra Eady, who has done an extraordinarily superb job at the helm of the “old Z-NET Uralla” was uncontested in her nomination of President and not just seconded but thirded fourthed and fifthed in the role, so carried! 🙂

The next nomination was for Vice President of the new entity, and Bob Crouch was nominated for this role. No further nominations being received, we welcomed Bob into the position.

General meeting

The secretary was the next position called for, and Alan McKenzie, who has done an excellent job of secretary for the “old” Z-NET Uralla for the past year, was given the job.

Treasurer went to Tom O’Connor, who has been doing our books and managing our grant paperwork and funds for the past year, and we know he will continue to do that well!

There were then three positions of General Committee member to fill and four nominations were made, so it went to a very close vote, and Stephanie McCaffrey, Peter Low, and muggins, Teresa French, were elected into those positions.

After a break, we then had a general workshop and discussion on what the community would like to see Z-Net Uralla Inc get stuck into in the future, and many great ideas came out of that – watch this space! Thank you to all for your contributions.

General meeting

What happens now?

Tom the treasurer will now lodge the incorporation form and the old entity, Z-NET Uralla auspiced by the Uralla Neighbourhood Centre (Z-NET Uralla), will formally hand over all funds, documentation, grants etc to the new entity, which will probably be known as Z-NET Uralla Incorporated (Z-NET Uralla Inc).

We undertook to hold the Annual General Meeting of Z-NET Uralla (the old entity) on the 18th of March 2017 at which time, after the AGM is held, Z-NET Uralla will hand over to Z-NET Uralla Inc and the old entity will cease to exist. (If I have got any of that wrong it will be corrected forthwith!)

General meeting

Please come along to our AGM on the 18th of March! If you wish to become a member of the new improved Z-NET Uralla Incorporated please contact us at coordinator(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)zneturalla.org.au and we will send you a membership form as soon as the incorporation paperwork goes through and Z-NET Uralla Inc is born!

Thank you!

At this time we would like to thank Isabel Strutt and John Kurko for their hard work on the Executive Committee of Z-NET Uralla, and invite them, and everyone else, to join Z-NET Uralla Inc as members, all of whom are encouraged to share your passion for the Z-NET journey of the Uralla Shire and participate in the inception, planning and execution of all our current and future exciting projects for the betterment of the Uralla Shire and paving the way for a Zero Net Energy Shire, country and world!

(don’t forget to email Steve, our coordinator on coordinator(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)zneturalla.org.au for a membership form and come along on the 18th of March!)