How to see if your electricity bill is estimated or actual


Electricity Actual v Estimated Bills

During the Home and Business Energy Reviews that Z-Net Uralla has been conducting one issue has arisen that we would like to share with the Uralla Community.

With the many changes in Energy providers it is no longer compulsory to do an actual reading of the electricity meter every quarter. They must do at least one per year.

As a result, a number of householders and businesses have been caught out when they have moved into a new property.

1. The estimated bill has been higher than the actual amount based on whoever was in that property previously. In the case of a business you must pay the bill before you can get a credit. This can add a considerable cost to your start-up costs.

2. The estimated bill is lower than the actual usage. This leads to the tenant believing they have their power bills under control until they get their first actual bill and get bill shock. This is especially important to be aware off in the winter months.

You must always check if it says actual or estimated. With some power companies you are able to give them the actual meter reading.

Estimated Bill:

Actual Bill:

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