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On the 23rd of January 2024, Z-NET Uralla was proudly featured in an episode of Back Roads on ABC, showcasing our beautiful town. Heather Ewart took viewers on a journey through the innovative and eco-conscious initiatives that have transformed Uralla into a beacon of sustainability. From unique recycling ventures to environmentally conscious businesses, Uralla exemplifies a community dedicated to preserving its natural heritage while paving the way for a more sustainable future.

From Gold Rush to Green Oasis: A Historical Overview
The historical significance of Uralla’s gold rush past and consequent environmental damage, lays the foundation for its present commitment to ecological sustainability, making it a unique and transformative journey.

Z-NET Uralla: Leading the Way in Renewable Energy
Uralla’s designation as a Z-Net town, which means Zero NET emissions, implemented through Z-NET Uralla, a not-for-profit volunteer community group, signifies an active and community-driven participation in reducing energy consumption, cutting energy costs and reducing waste. Explore the town’s dedication to renewable energy initiatives and the impact on both the environment and the community’s economic well-being.

Quirky Recycling Adventures with Garry Byers
Heather Ewart takes viewers on a tour with Garry Byers, a local with a flair for inventive recycling. Byers’ vintage Studebaker is not just a mode of transportation but a showcase of his quirky approach to recycling, featuring a 1970s steamroller, a repurposed fishing boat turned spa, and the iconic recycled pig, Daisy.

Kath Caddy: The Art of Sustainable Shoemaking
Meet Kath Caddy, a local shoemaker whose commitment to sustainability is reflected in her choice of materials. Caddy incorporates recycled materials like old leather couches and an innovative pineapple-based material into her shoe designs, showcasing how creativity and environmental consciousness can coexist.

Community-Wide Initiatives: Co-Op for Repurposing and Zero-Waste Café
Discover the broader community efforts in Uralla, including the Uralla Co-Op for repurposing hard waste as well as encouraging the recycling/upcycling of furniture and clothing; a café using locally sourced food where possible and practicing near-complete composting; a collaboration between a local regenerative farmer producing pork which goes to the local butcher and then to the local pie-maker! These initiatives highlight the town’s collective dedication to minimizing waste to landfill while fostering a sustainable lifestyle.

Uralla stands as a testament to the transformative power of a community dedicated to sustainable living. From its gold rush roots to its current status as a Z-Net town, under the auspices of Z-NET Uralla, Uralla’s journey exemplifies the potential for small towns to lead the way in innovative, eco-friendly practices. As Heather Ewart explores the town’s unique stories, Uralla emerges as an encouraging example of how embracing sustainability can redefine a community’s identity and secure a brighter, greener future for generations to come.

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ABC Back Roads, Series 10, Episode 3 - Uralla

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