The collection and use of firewood is a common practice in the Uralla Shire with over 75% of our homes using firewood for winter heating. Firewood is a valuable source of energy and is renewable, if harvested in a sustainable manner. Our goal is to enable Uralla Shire residents to source their firewood, in the knowledge that it is being collected in a way that has a low ecological impact.

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This project has been assisted by the New South Wales Government through its Environmental Trust.


Firewood is an important energy source for our homes in the Shire, playing a key role in keeping us warm in winter, fund raising for local clubs and in the “sharing” economy within our community. Click here for more details.

Z-NET Uralla has developed a guide for sustainable firewood harvesting that takes into account the importance of wood as wildlife habitat, nutrient recycling in woodlands and control of soil erosion.

Did you know…  that 1 tonne of wood is equivalent to almost 1 kg of urea, 0.8 kg of super, and 0.7 kg lime, all valuable nutrients for pasture growth!