Elephant in the Woodland Project

Our project, “Elephant in the Woodlands” is raising awareness and encouraging sustainable practices amongst landholders, firewood collectors and firewood users to ensure firewood is a renewable resource for future generations. The project will run for three years, supported by a NSW Environmental Trust Education Grant, private donations and Z-NET Uralla volunteers.
Project partners are BackTrack AgLads, Uralla Shire Council, SNELC, NT LLS and scientists at UNE, plus three local landholders (Balala Station, Lana and Barrakee) who are demonstrating how biodiversity assessments can be done to identify low impact firewood sites.
Training programs are being provided to landholders and firewood collectors to enable them to tap into the market for sustainable firewood. The project is also supporting and extending existing community-based programs for improving home thermal efficiency, reducing energy demand in the first place and promoting effective firewood storage and use.
These goals are supported by an ongoing education campaign through media, at community events and in schools to raise awareness of the ecological value and importance of standing and fallen timber and promote the use of sustainable firewood.

Visit the Elephant in the Woodland Progress page for updates.


This project has been assisted by the New South Wales Government through its Environmental Trust.